Hunting School

Learn to Hunt with All Season Outfitters.

We offer a hunting and shooting school for the beginning hunter. Hunting school is a great way to get all the proper hunting and shooting skills necessary to take big or small game.  This school includes lodging, ammo, and firearms. The school is a 1 day school-Friday evening through Saturday afternoon.

We train each individual in game and bird identification, shooting out to 500 yards, tracking, field dressing, skinning, and de-boning of your animal.

All the skills and techniques taught in this school can be used to take proper care of any big or small game hunting adventure.

Range- (Rifles and Ammo Provided)Range Safety, Sighting in rifles and Gun Handling. Hunting Product Recommendations

Field Shooting Practice-  Shooting short and long distances up to 500 yards. Practicing and implementing the many different shooting positions.

Learn to Track and Harvest- Decipher sign, pursue harvest and process a Russian/Eurasian  boar. No License or tags are necessary.

Lodging included  –

1 evening & 1 morning. 2 person minimum.

Total Package – $950