Learn to Hunt with All Season Outfitters.

We offer a hunting and shooting school for the beginning hunter. Hunting school is a great way to get all the proper hunting and shooting skills necessary to take big or small game.

This school includes ammo and firearms. The school is a 1 day school. We train each individual in game and bird identification, shooting out to 500 yards, tracking, field dressing, skinning.

All the skills and techniques taught in this school can be used to take proper care of any big or small game hunting adventure.

Range – (Rifles and Ammo Provided) Range Safety, Sighting in rifles and Gun Handling. Hunting Product Recommendations

Field Shooting Practice –  Shooting short and long distances up to 500 yards. Practicing and implementing the many different shooting positions.

Learn to Track and Harvest – Decipher sign, pursue harvest and process a Russian/Eurasian boar.

No License or tags are necessary.

1 Day. 2 person minimum.

Total Package – $1450