Welcome to Pig-Hunt.com

Wild pig hunting is exciting and year around fun!

Pig-Hunt.com is offering fair chase guided wild pig hunts located on the Central Coast just outside of Paso Robles, CA. Approx 3 hours North of L.A. and 2.5 hours South of San Jose, right smack dab in the middle of pig country.

Tony is also offering: European and Russian Pig Hunts in an enclosed hunting area. Come hunt this unique animal against a backdrop of rugged terrain, boulders, brush and natural water sources.

Other Hunts Offered: Deer & Turkey

Hunting School

Learn to Hunt with Pig-Hunt.com. Hunting school is a great way to get all the proper hunting and shooting skills necessary to take big or small game. This school includes the harvesting of an animal.

Over 60,000 acres of accessible hunting grounds offering Deer, Pig And Turkey Hunts. The Ranch has varying terrain and abundant water sources which really brings the pigs in during the late spring and summer months.

We base our hunts out of the Grant Ranch. We have a bass pond to help relax in the afternoons. We do offer Camping on the Ranch and work with Paso Robles RV where they come out and set up a trailer with hook-ups. Located just 35 minutes East of Paso Robles Ca off of Highway 46.

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