Exotic Hunts

Sheep and Goat on a 650 Acre Hunting area. 

Exotic Hunts - Sheep and Goat Exotic Sheep & Goat Hunts

Single Hunter $850 – single species
 additional species  ~ $700 each

Whether you’re a novice getting your first exotic animal or an experienced hunter, we offer the total exotic hunting experience.

Over 10 exotic species roam a ruffed landscape.

The ranch has two natural streams, deep canyons and is covered with brush and boulders. This hunt will take you miles away from society.


A variety of species are available including Four Horn Sheep (Jacob), Corsican, Barbado, Texas Dall, Rambouillett, Black Hawaiian, Spanish Billies, Boer Goat, Casmiere and Angora. Additional species are coming soon.

These fees include transportation on the ranch, skinning and field dressing.